Welcome to the new Victoria Baths blog page! 

The engagement team here at VB have been pondering on how to share more of what goes on behind the scenes at the baths. We want a space to highlight the successes, challenges, research and events in a more in depth and long form way to give an insight into the inner workings of Victoria Baths.  

The aim of this page is to allow for regular updates from the engagement team, other staff members, our fantastic volunteer team and interviews with people from the arts and heritage sectors who make VB what it is.  

We want to champion the historical side of the baths by delving into our archives and highlighting not often seen artifacts and stories but also look forward to our future plans and our current aims.  

We hope this blog can start conversations, peak interests and act as a platform for sharing your thoughts and shaping our future.  

Keep your eyes peeled for posts about our partying past, a conversation with an archivist and the curious case of the mysterious penguin.

We will be posting on our Instagram and Facebook when a new blog post goes live! 

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