When it opened in 1906, Victoria Baths was described as “the most splendid municipal bathing institution in the country” and “a water palace of which every citizen of Manchester can be proud.” The building provided spacious and extensive facilities for swimming, bathing and leisure. It was built of the highest quality materials with many period decorative features: stained glass, tiles, and mosaic floors.

Victoria Baths served the people of central Manchester for 87 years and established themselves in the affections of all those who used the facilities.

Our Volunteer History Group are longstanding supporters of Victoria Baths and are key to maintaing the Victoria Baths Archive and interpreting the history and heritage of the complex.


Step back in time to the building of Victoria Baths, the many uses of the complex, and its importance to Manchester and the local community.

Explore the heritage and history of this iconic building from the building to its opening, and the many uses of the spaces since.


Our Archive is cataloged and maintained by our longstanding volunteer History Group. Documenting the rich history of Victoria Baths, plus the Baths & Washhouses of Manchester and the history of swimming and Turkish Baths in general. It contains a collection of pictures, documents, objects and personal memories.