Corporate Volunteering

Victoria Baths welcomes corporate volunteering opportunities all year round! If you have employee supported volunteering time to use, and want to get to stuck into a variety of tasks, your time can make a significant impact at Victoria Baths.

Our previous corporate volunteer partners have been instrumental in preserving Victoria Baths and supporting it to become ready to open to the public. From painting and maintenance, to fundraising and deep cleaning, corporate groups have had a huge impact on the Baths over the years. Today, we offer an even broader range of opportunities for corporate volunteers to engage with us. By using your volunteering hours with us, you can contribute to various activities that make a real difference to the Baths and ensure the buildings future for all to enjoy.

If you already have an idea of a kind of activity you or your group would like to do, or if you have a specific skill or set of resources to share with us, please get in touch with our engagement team.

Here are some examples of regular group volunteering activities:

Event Support

Assist the delivery of our fundraising events held at Victoria Baths. From setup and decoration making, to promotion and sponsorship. Your involvement will help create memorable experiences for visitors and participants.

Maintenance and Painting

Don the overalls, there’s a never-ending list of tasks to help us maintain the building. If our schedules align, you could make a huge difference to our ongoing preservation of the building

Admin Assistance

Contribute your skills in administrative tasks, such as data entry, organizing files, offering skill development or supporting our annual mail outs. Your support in these essential areas will help streamline our operations.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

As a charity we rely on the support of our donors, visitors, Friends and members. Your word of mouth, ideas, team members, passion and networks could help us reach new places to find funding, support and donations.

Corporate volunteering with us is very flexible, including group & individual opportunities.

And not forgetting our annual


We close for the winter between November – March, and by the time we get to reopening we’re in need of a very deep clean. Each year, usually in February, we’re joined by companies from Manchester and beyond for a week of cleaning and maintenance. It’s a “get stuck in” kind of activity, and you will definitely earn your biscuits (and need a shower as soon as you get in), but you’ll also get to see the fruits of your labour as the building comes back to life and we get ready to reopen with our best sides shining!

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